Representative Cases of Pyeong Cheon

Hana Bank

Advised issuance of ABS by Hana Bank (2002)

Korea Development Bank

Advised issuance of primary CBO by Korea Development Bank (2003)

Hyundai Card

Advised sale of NPL by Hyundai Card


Defended the accused in diverse securities crime cases involving KOSDAQ listed companies (e.g. SBW Inc. stock price manipulation scandal)

Tongyang Group

Defended the accused, founding majority shareholders of Tongyang Group, in criminal cases on violations of Act on the Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes

KB Bank

Defended KB Bank in Fair Trade Commission investigations on collusive CD interest rate among bank

KB bank

Defended the accused charged on fraud and embezzlement of forged checks issued by KB bank in the amount of KRW 10 billions

LIG Insurance Co., Ltd

Performed legal due diligence and advised contracting of stock purchase agreement (SPA) in the acquisition of LIG Insurance Co., Ltd. (currently KB Insurance Co., Ltd.)

KB Kookmin Card

Defended the accused, KB Kookmin Card, charged on massive leakage of customer data; Advised the establishment of internal control system for customer data and relevant management regulations for overall KB Financial Group companies

KB Bank

Represented KB Bank and won in a Supreme Court case against National Tax Service to seek the return of corporate tax in the amount of KRW 400 billions, when such tax was imposed on the treatment of appropriation for a bad or irrecoverable debt during the merger of KB Kookmin Card by KB Bank

KB Securities

Defended KB Securities in FSS investigation on mistaken future orders and relevant civil cases

KTB Securitie

Advised corporate law matters during the disputes on management control of KTB Securities

Korea Broadcasting System

Defended a former director of the Korea Broadcasting System to seek nullification of his dismissal

Suwon University

Defended the accused, former president of Suwon University


Advised Kyung-In Women’s University during the audit by the Ministry of Education & Human Resources Development

Cryptocurrency exchanged

Advised the establishment of cryptocurrency exchange market; defended the accused, Zeniex Fund, a cryptocurrency fund, charged on violations of Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act

Fund fraud

Represented +30 plaintiffs, victims of fund fraud, in a class action against Lime Asset Management

Invossa-K Inj. scandal

Represented plaintiffs, victims of Invossa-K Inj. scandal, in a class action against Kolon Life Science

Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act

Represented plaintiffs, victims of fraud and violation of Capital Market and Financial Investment Business Act, in a class action against Korea Security & Economy Broadcasting Co.

Pusan Information System

Represented five plaintiffs including Pusan Information System upon filing multiple cases on colluded bidding activities in courts and Fair Trade Commission

Atmosphere measurement agency

Defended the accused, an atmosphere measurement agency in Ulsan, charged for violations of Environmental Testing and Inspection Act

KB Securities

Advised KB Securities during the drafting and contracting of a project financing loan agreement in the amount of KRW 20 billions

Trade Secret Protection Act

Represent a client to file a suit for professional malpractice as well as violations of Prevention of Unfair Competition and Trade Secret Protection Act, in a case involving the leakage of trade secrets of raw materials of cosmetic products valued over KRW 10 billions

Haeju Chung

Represented Haeju Chung clan gathering in an administrative law case to seek the nullification of land expropriation

ASungwon Construction Co.

Advised Sungwon Construction Co. involved in an urban development project in Songjeon-ri, Yongin, and represented the client in relevant civil cases

Myung-Bak Lee

Defended Myung-Bak Lee, former President of the Republic of Korea, during the prosecution investigation and subsequent criminal trials

Kwan-Jin Kim

RDefended Kwan-Jin Kim, former Minister of Defense, during the prosecution investigation and subsequent criminal trials

Korea Housing Corporation

Represented Korea Housing Corporation (currently merged into Korea Land & Housing Corporation) and won in a Supreme Court en bank case where the construction cost regarding the relocation plan during the housing and land development was intensely disputed


Represented a founding majority shareholder of a top-tier cable TV company and won in an appellate civil case on the stock ownership valued around KRW 40 billions

Italian defense company

Represented an Italian defense company and won in an injunction case against a major Korean defense company where the client sought the prevention of infringement of trade secrets regarding the manufacture and sale of Navy warship guns

Top-tier private and public companies

Represented and advised numerous top-tier private and public companies including but not limited to Samsung C&T, GS Group companies,, Busan Port Authority and Seoul Housing & Communities Corporation in diverse civil and criminal matters