Advisory and Litigation Services in Civil, Commercial and Criminal Cases

General civil dispute
Corporate HR and labor dispute
Corporate or commercial dispute
Administrative law dispute
Major financial crime case including cryptocurrency fraud, violation of Act on the Regulation of Conducting Fund-Raising Business without Permission, and pyramid selling fraud
Industrial accident damages dispute
Construction costs claim
Digital new technology such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, NFT, and metaverse
Security crime including stock price manipulation, use of undisclosed information, and accounting fraud
Violation of Personal Information Protection Act or Credit Information Use and Protection Act
Establishment permission of non-profit foundations and other entities
Disciplinary action of public employee and their appeal/petition review
Real Estate evacuation and demolishment dispute

Cross-Border Transactions

Overseas SOC project
Acquisition of new and renewable energy PPA(Power Purchase Agreement)
Foreign law review, due diligence for overseas natural resources development project
Overseas real estate development and investment project
Overseas project financing project
Overseas and cross-border M&A project
Overseas market entrance project
Draft and review of international contract
Resolution of international dispute such as litigation in a foreign country and arbitration
Master franchise matching project

Construction · Real Estates

Tender, bidding dispute from central and local government contract
Draft and review of turn key base contract
Land compensation disputes (expropriation adjudication, objection adjudication)
Urban development project, urban improvement project and reconstruction·redevelopment project
Construction and remodeling dispute
Real estate trust project
Construction costs dispute involving subcontract transactions
Serious Accident Punishment Act issues
Deal structuring and execution of real estate acquisition financing transaction
Establishment, operation and liquidation of Collective investment vehicle, SPC
Government licensing and approval in real estate development project

Security · Finance

Incomplete sale of funds or other financial products
Injunction against delisting from stock market
Acquisition financing advisory and brokerage
PEF organization and investment attraction advisory
Financial regulation and FSS disciplinary action
IPO and issuance of securities (CB, BW)
Project financing
Corporate loan
Digital finance such as NFT, cryptocurrency
Insurance claim
Asset management advisory
Escrow service for blind fund investment
REITs product development and listing in stock market
Consortium matching of construction investor (CI), strategic investor (SI), and financial investor (FI)

Corporate Law · M&A

Shareholder derivative action
Corporate governance, management control dispute
Dispute from director removal or dismissal
Subcontract dispute
Unfair competition or trade secret piracy dispute
Sell-side or buy-side legal due diligence
Corporate stock acquisition and investment
Merger and Acquisition, divesture advisory
Sale or purchase of business or asset